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    Enterprise Blockchain Architecture

    Blockchain technology has been around since 2009 – and yet most business leaders don’t understand the benefits of blockchain technology and how it all relates to their enterprise. Worse still, Web3 is the latest trend that confuses business leaders with no clear definition and an absent value proposition

    Here are the top 5 questions business leaders ask about blockchain:

      1. How can I grow my business using blockchain?
      2. How can a new blockchain product be profitable?
      3. How do I connect my existing business to blockchain?
      4. Is now the right time to look at blockchain for my business?
      5. What is Web3 and how will it affect my business?

    And here are the top 5 questions business leaders should be asking about blockchain?

      1. What are the emerging blockchain projects in my industry and market?
      2. If I am an intermediary, how might blockchain disrupt my business?
      3. What is the value of reducing my costs of reconciliation and dispute resolution?
      4. How would my industry and my business be different if both data and money moved with less friction – if they moved faster?
      5. Where am I letting FOMO have too much influence in my decisions about Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency?

    There is so much information about blockchain available today. How can you separate signal from noise? How do you know what information to trust? How can you be sure that the information is accurate and complete? Even big consultancies are publishing reports and blockchain insights – without providing necessary context and relevant critique and scrutiny.

    What you need is a a blockchain sherpa to guide you through the blockchain, Web3 and crypto jungle. You need solid, experience-based, critical thinking support to help you vet the news you read and the ideas you get from within your organisation – and those you get from passionate new start-up sales teams.

    This is where SER Team comes in.