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Strategy is GOOD!
We develop an overarching value proposition, ‘go to market’ strategy and business strategy. We identify issues and work towards scaling up your business.


Execution is BETTER!
We help you put your new business strategy into action. We work directly with your teams to ensure that the strategy is communicated and put into action.


Results are BEST!
With a newly developed strategy now in action, we measure business impact to identify quantifiable results.


Bespoke Teams

Hand Picked For Your Project

We built the right team

Whatever the project, we work with individuals with deep sector knowlege, business strategists...


Say Goodbye to the hucksters, shysters and shills

No More B.S!

Are you sick and tired of companies telling you how to get thousands of qualified leads – when they have no idea what your product might be or even who your customers are?

I can help you to define your product value proposition, refine your business model and set out a ‘go to market’ strategy.


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    Not a Cryptoguy

    "I make cryptocurrencies crumble and fall to pieces"

    Troy "is" kryptonite to cryptocurrency!

    If you are fed up with the Crypto Bros and want to really understand Blockchain and how it can transform industries – I can help.

    I can help you to find and refine a real blockchain business idea.


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    Solutions For start Up & Enterprise Businesses

    Enterprise Product Strategy

    Do you have a product that people want and will pay for? Are you sure?

    Enterprise Blockchain Architecture / Strategy

    Where can I find a trusted advisor on blockchain technology for my business?


    Just A Few Happy Clients

    “Troy not only gets you in front of investors but makes sure you’re ready with what they want to know. Troy gets to the heart of your business straight away, cutting away the noise so you can focus on what really matters to get your business the investment it needs. He knows what investors want […]

    Andy Bowness

    CEO, Bodireel

    “If you want to find out how to cut through the distractions and identify the things that really matter to your start-up, Troy is your man. He grasped our business model quickly and offered some really constructive challenges to our activities which helped us get to where we wanted to be, faster. We got a […]

    Aron Alexander

    CEO & Founder, Savvee


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