We develop an overarching value proposition, ‘go to market’ strategy and business strategy. We identify issues and work towards scaling up your business.

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We help you put your new business strategy into action. We work directly with your teams to ensure that the strategy is communicated and put into action.

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With a newly developed strategy now in action, we measure business impact to identify quantifiable results.

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We work collaboratively with you and your team.

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Business and Marketing Strategy

SER Team work alongside you, delivering key insights to develop a robust business strategy. We assess the overall strategy, providing strategic consulting services to create growth. We assist with the execution of strategies, ensuring the implementation process is efficient and effective. We develop marketing strategies that generate leads and ultimately produce customers. Ensure you’re utilising the most effective tools to reach your audience. We produce a thorough, product-specific marketing strategy to generate and sustain growth.

Business Ecosystem Plan™

Understand how your product exists as a component of its market ecosystem. We utilise the Business Ecosystem Plan to evaluate the marketplace.

In natural ecosystems, every organism plays a vital role in the transfer of energy. In a business ecosystem, the transfer of energy is represented by the transfer of value. Assessment of the business ecosystem offers insights into existing products and the flow of value between them.

The introduction of a new product disrupts the ecosystem. We consider where your product will fit into the ecosystem, which stakeholders are your customers and the value your product adds and extracts from the market. This allows us to evaluate the Value Exchange between you and your customers and ensure that there is no uncaptured value. A pricing strategy can then be developed and defended based on the value of your product.


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