Troy Norcross

A potted history:

35 years experience in digital technology, digital transformation and disruption. I started with 3D graphics for flight simulators in 1986 working for SGI (pretty disruptive at the time). I spent a decade (2001-2012) in telecoms working both for infrastructure companies (Openwave), handsets (Nokia/Siemens) and services PocketChoice (my startup + Nokia). I spent 4 years supporting publishers in understanding the Cookie Laws – that became GDPR. I wrote the DMA’s (UK Digital Marketing Association) Bluetooth marketing code of practice. I spent 2 years in digital service innovation for big pharma (Digitas LBi and Astra Zeneca) and now 6 years in blockchain technology, DeFi, SSI, NFTs and more.

What I bring to the table

The biggest value I bring to any project is passion: I get involved and I care. Even as an outside consultant, I am invested in the people and the project and the idea – even if it means pivoting, transforming – or throwing away – the original idea.

My second biggest value is critical thinking. When I dig into a project, I read voraciously, find opportunities to discuss and debate, work to uncover the shady side of what’s happening in the journalistic coverage – and am unafraid to openly question or challenge the norms. (sometimes I die because a sacred cow ran over me – or because the emperor’s sceptre accidentally chopped off my head when I pointed out there were no clothes).

My third biggest value is communicating.I am a storyteller. My gifting lies not in powerpoint slides, but in telling a story to bring the listener along on a journey. I can transform incredibly complex subject matter into content that a wide audience can understand and grasp the feeling and the essence behind it. A smaller audience can understand the rationale and the thinking and an even smaller audience can understand the connectivity between an idea and the world. (Someone else explains how the technology works under the hood!)

“With over 20 years of experience advising both large and small companies, I can help you define and execute a strategy with the biggest impact to your business.”

I have a wide range of experience – from software developer to Startup CEO and from strategy advisor to chief operating officer. (although never in Sales). My industry knowledge ranges from agriculture to aerospace – from telecoms to transport and logistics – and from pharmaceuticals to finance. All of this allows me to bring a many faceted prism to my work and to see holistically across the spectrum of a new business, a new product and a new organisation – every time I start.

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We are SER Team

What is SER Team?

We provide strategy and consulting services, working with enterprise clients looking to adjust their current strategy to achieve growth. We specialise in value propositions, creating business models and developing ‘go to market’ strategies. We work on an associate consulting model, giving us access to a wide range of strategy consultants with a variety of skills and experience in different market verticals. This enables us to ensure that the most appropriately skilled individuals work with your business and deliver the best outcomes. Clarity is imperative in our services as it ensures understanding and easy to implement strategies, allowing you to get measurable results.