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    Clean Sheet Innovation Strategy

    Where do you start in building an innovation strategy?

    The majority of companies innovation programs are wound down after just 24 months - and untold millions in investment. How can you build a program that will not only deliver value, but last through time?


    • What does it take to build a culture of innovation in your business?
    • What is the right blend of in-house and external expertise to generate maximum impact from innovation?
    • How do you ensure your Corporate Innovation strategy moves the needle for your business?


    Starting from a clean sheet of paper - let us help you build an end-to-end innovation strategy that will thrive and deliver a significant ROI.

    Corporate Innovation troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting your Innovation Process

    Already running innovation - but not going as you had expected?

    Starting with a detailed review of the stakeholders across the business, we can help you to assess the expectations of innovation and where your current process may be falling short of the mark. We can:


    • help you to develop and execute a strategy to fix problems
    • educating or resetting expectations of stakeholders
    • change or optimise the innovation process


    We will help to identify the areas where your innovation process is struggling and get you back on track.

    Integrating corporate innovation in to your core business

    Integrating Innovation Into Your Business

    So you've got an innovative new business model or product.

    Now what?!

    One of the biggest challenges of innovation is incorporating the results back into the existing business. There are numerous challenges from the most fundamental: fear of change - to the more subtle but equally challenging: fear of failure.

    • We can work with you to begin with the end in mind so that when innovation delivers the business is ready and eager to incorporate the new ideas and thinking.
    • If you've already developed great ideas, we can help you to find the best way to extract value from those ideas.
    • We can help you to decide if innovation should be incorporated, spun-out as a separate entity, developed as a joint venture, or shelved
  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to help your organisation to build and successfully execute an innovation strategy.

    Troy Norcross - corporate innovation consultant

    Strategy Director

     Digital Innovation

    Troy has a background in digital innovation working for major corps like AstraZeneca and Nokia as well as a number of startups. Building relationships with key stakeholders across an organisation, Troy helps companies to create compelling propositions and presentations for investors, customers and internal teams. 

    Dominic Pride LinkedIn Profile & Photo


    Strategic Thinker

    Chief Instigator

    Dominic is passionate about creating and implementing growth strategies for clients, building revenue and marketing strategies, developing new opportunities within untapped markets, and helping them address the business challenges they face in today's changing disruptive landscape.


    Strategy Director

    Programme and Product Management

    An innovator at heart Damien is passionate about creating new and exciting business opportunities which drive value whilst delivering high growth rate and associated revenues.  Highly skilled in commercial management, business transformation and integrated marketing.  

    Andrew J Scott - corporate innovation consultant

    Strategy Director

    Business Execution


    Andrew has founded multiple startups and is experienced as an entrepreneur in both raising and investing funds. He brings impressive skills in building and driving teams, and aligning, with relentless focus, to the corporate innovation environment.