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Troy Norcross is an international speaker, educator and strategist on Blockchain as an enabler for transforming business models. Troy has provided blockchain training and strategy support to high street banks across Europe, Asia and India. Troy specialises in enterprise scale business model transformation projects where Blockchain technology enables business models, strategies and efficiencies which previously were not considered possible.

Troy is Co-Founder of Blockchain Rookies and former CEO of Opengoods. He has a 25+ year career covering multiple market verticals including agriculture, aerospace, IT infrastructure, telecoms-media-technology (TMT), digital music, healthcare service innovation, eCommerce and most recently Blockchain business strategy for enterprises, industries and business ecosystems. Troy’s breadth of experience gives him a unique perspective when providing actionable insights and strategic direction.
Whether facilitating design thinking workshops or working to get the most value out of a panel discussion, Troy has a unique ability to engage with both panellists and the audience. Key to Troy’s success in moderating panels is rapport with the panellists and the ability to pull questions into the discussion as well as avoid bland, safe nuanced responses.

As a regular contributing author and thought leader Troy has an active social media profile across LinkedIn and Twitter with numerous thought leadership pieces in the space of Blockchain as well as business model transformation. In the past year, Troy has appeared in City AM / CryptoInsider 8 times as well as in the Irish Examiner.

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