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Blockchain Essentials: Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Benefit from over two decades of experience and gain an understanding of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Ideal for larger groups, Troy navigates the world of Blockchain in a language that makes sense to everyone. Hear real-world use cases of the technology, have your questions answered by an expert, and consider its potential in your industry.

Blockchain Fundamentals: Core Principles and Strategies

Expand your knowledge of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies with this half-day session. Learn how Blockchain can disrupt your industry and understand the core components of Distributed Ledger Technology. Tailored for smaller groups, this session is meant for individuals with an existing, basic understanding of Blockchain.

Win Customers and Investors:

Speak of Value over Features

Workshop: Learn how to place value

It can be tempting to discuss only the great features of your product – but value is where your customer’s interest lies.

Can you do any of the following for your customer:

• Save them money?
• Make them money?
• Save their time?
• Remove their pain?
• Bring them joy?

Value addresses at least one of the above.

By communicating value to your customer, you create curiosity around your product, allowing you to lead the conversation. If you can identify value in your business that doesn’t currently exist in your competitors, you present a market opportunity that will get investors listening.

This workshop will help you to reconstruct your existing messages in a way which uses value specific language. You will learn ‘conversational templates’ which can be used in a range of situations to emphasise value.

To discover where your customers and investors see value, you need to ask the right questions, and then communicate your product based on their value thinking. In this workshop, we will discuss the most effective ways of doing this.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be able to defend your pricing model by discussing the value your product/business creates and the value they deduct from the market. The workshop aims to increase your confidence in describing your business, ultimately helping you win new business and investment.

Ahead of the workshop, a short survey will be distributed to all attendees. The responses will be evaluated, and suggestions will be made on adjustments which could be made to add value to the messaging.

The session lasts around 45 minutes, followed by a 10-15-minute Q&A session.

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12 Weeks to a Product Strategy

Week 1-4

Value proposition

We define your key stakeholders, your product/service and what customers are willing to exchange for what you’re selling. We find what makes your product valuable and where it fits into the current market. From this, we can pinpoint the value in your product so that you can monetise it.

Week 5-8

Business model

We develop a business model and pricing strategy that reflects the value you are creating for your customers. We identify your business’ revenue streams, your product, the customers you will appeal to and how your business will generate maximum value based revenue.

Week 9-12

Go to market

We define a marketing strategy for your business. Having identified your customer base, we specify how your business can reach them. We identify which resources will be most effective in marketing to your audience.

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30 Minutes to Nail Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is used when you have limited time to convey key information about your business or yourself.

The ability to communicate your product, target consumers, USP and a call to action, all in a manner which is clear, concise and compelling is vital in today’s fast business world.

A great elevator pitch can help you win customers, capture the attention of investors and recruit exceptional team members.

This session will involve a 3-step process which makes the pitch simple. You can then apply the process in almost any environment, from meetings with investors, pitches to customers, discussions with your own team or even strangers at a dinner party, ultimately improving your networking skills.

During the session, we will focus on identifying the basic elements of a good elevator pitch. By recognising a great pitch, you can apply these learnings to developing your own. We will consider the appropriate tone, the audience and what you’re promoting, whether it’s your product, company or yourself.

How you deliver your pitch can be just as important as its actual content. Body language and tone of voice can give subliminal impressions to your audience and are therefore important to consider. This session will help you to improve your delivery for maximum impact.

The session lasts around 20 minutes, followed by a 5-10-minute Q&A session.

Companies that have taken this course:


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