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    Strategy Tune-up

    Need someone to provide an objective view?

    Sometimes you are so busy running the business and responding to the clients that you don't take the time to step back and look at the over arching strategy. What you need is someone to spend a small amount of time and deliver key insights that you can use to adjust the strategy and drive decisions.

    Value Proposition Development

    What problem are you solving?

    A good value proposition defines who is your customer, what problem they have and what they are willing to exchange in order to have that problem solved. In order to define a good value proposition we take you through a 3 step process: 1) Define the stakeholders in the ecosystem 2) Define the value flows through the ecosystem 3) Identify where your product/service fits and adds value that you can monetise.

    Go to market Strategy

    Now how are you going to reach the right people?

    Once you know the problem you are solving and who has that problem, you need to reach them. How can you build a strategy that fills your pipeline with qualified sales leads that can be turned into customers? When is the right time to use partners? Should you advertise on Facebook? When should you use direct sales? Every product and offering is different.

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  • About Our Company

    Our success is tied to your results.

    Strategy - but No Drawerware

    Ever worked for a company when one of the big consultancies come in and develop a new business strategy. It takes ages and the result is a 100 page PowerPoint deck that -- No one ever reads. In the end someone new comes along and the strategy gets put in a drawer and nothing changes. When we work on a strategy with you we develop a strategy that not only you can execute - but one that we can help you execute.

    Affiliate Consulting Team

    We work on an affiliate consulting model meaning that we have access to a wide range of strategy consultants. When we put together a bid we then assemble the right team with the right mix of skills to ensure the best possible delivery.

    Principal and Founder - Troy Norcross

    This is my strategy consulting firm. I have worked in large corporations and 2 of my own startups. I have technical background in software development and business background including operations, marketing and sales. I have been CEO of companies and managed shareholders and I have been the chief cook and bottle washer in teams of 3. The diversity of my experiences is what makes me unique. My ability to listen and ask probing questions is what makes me effective.


    Check out my LinkedIn profile HERE for more info.

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